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A Big-Hearted Moose

Thidwick is a big moose with a big problem in this Dr. Seuss classic, first published in 1948. After agreeing to let a tiny Bingle Bug ride along on his antlers, Thidwick is surprised when the bug invites a spider who invites a bird who invites his wife, her uncle, and a family of squirrels! Soon Thidwick is playing host to creatures that are more pest than guest. They won’t even let the poor moose leave to find food!

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Reading to Babies

The benefits of reading to children have been proven by hundreds of studies led by education experts. Although most of the positive effects become evident as the child reaches preschool age, many of the important influences are forged during infancy. By reading to your new baby regularly, you’ll be helping to build a foundation for lifelong learning and development. Don’t hold off on introducing the joys of reading to your little one!

The benefits of reading to babies

Disney-Pixar's Inside Out

You won’t want to miss Inside Out, a new Disney-Pixar animated film debuting in theaters on June 19th. Our storybook adaptation tells the story of Riley Andersen and the Five Emotions (Joy, Anger, Disgust, Fear and Sadness) that work together inside her mind. The Emotions guide Riley’s everyday actions. But when Riley moves to the big city, the Emotions struggle to keep things under control.

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