Ages 4-6


Literacy Skills: Ages 4-6

By the age of five, most children can understand up to 13,000 words, forming sentences containing 5-8 words. As your child approaches Pre-K and kindergarten, pre-reading activities will become a fundamental part of her everyday life. At some point during this stage, she’ll likely begin reading her first words, delighting in the sense of accomplishment that comes with combining letters into words and words into sentences. Even if your child isn’t actively reading yet, her “pretend reading” will sound much more realistic than it was during toddlerhood.

You may also notice that your child begins to incorporate reading and writing by choice in other activities, outside of your designated story sessions. For instance, she may announce her intention to write her own story, combining familiar letters and words with illustrations, or may pick up a newspaper or magazine and pantomime reading it.

Recommended Reading for Ages 4 – 6

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