Ages 3-4


Literacy Skills: Ages 3-4

As your child passes his third birthday, he’ll officially leave toddlerhood behind, entering the exciting and challenging world of a preschooler. This year, as your three-year-old begins the long process of learning to read on his own, you’ll begin to see the effects of all of the pre-reading skills you’ve been fostering. For many moms and dads, this is one of the most fun and rewarding stages of parenting.

As your preschooler becomes more aware of how reading fits into his everyday life, encourage him to look for opportunities to read throughout the course of the day. Point out familiar words and phrases on cereal boxes, billboards, street signs, and grocery store displays.

If you’ve enrolled your child in preschool, his teacher will most likely be incorporating pre-reading in the curriculum, but that doesn’t mean you should stop presenting early literacy activities at home. Continue to read the favorite books he’s embraced over the past couple of years, while also introducing new titles that challenge him to expand his vocabulary and critical thinking skills.

Recommended Reading for Ages 3 – 4

Disney Wonderful World of Reading Hooked on Phonics Dr. Seuss & His Friends

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