Literacy Skills:
Birth to 1 Year Old

From the moment your baby enters the world, she’s primed to start learning. The first year of your child’s life is the most formative period, during which she’ll build the foundation for the many lessons that lie ahead. Regularly sharing books with your baby is one of the best things you can do to prepare her for understanding, speaking, and reading her native language.

0-3 months

It’s never too early to start a reading routine. Although a newborn may not respond in noticeable ways, every sound, sight, and sensation is being catalogued for future use. During the first three months of your baby’s life, try to find a few minutes a day to read aloud to her. You can read to your baby anytime it’s convenient and comfortable, before putting her to bed, during the day while she’s alert and receptive, or even while she’s asleep. If you're comfortable doing so, you might also try to read while breastfeeding. This is the perfect age to reintroduce your baby to the stories and rhymes you or your spouse read to her during your pregnancy. You may be surprised to see her comforted by those familiar rhymes. If you’re just starting to read to your baby, be reassured that at this stage the content of the book doesn’t matter as much to her as being close to you and hearing the sound of your voice, so feel free to choose stories that you enjoy.

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