Promoting Literacy: 3-4 Years Old


Promoting Literacy: 3-4 Years Old

As your child enters preschool, you’re no longer his only source of learning—but that doesn’t mean you should stop teaching. Your three-year-old will look to you to reinforce the lessons his teacher presents. Regular reading at home is critical to the development of early reading skills.

When choosing books for your preschooler, keep the following themes in mind:

  • Humor. Your three-year-old will demonstrate a more developed sense of humor, gravitating to stories that tickle his funny bone. Dr. Seuss's Wacky Wednesday and his many other zany titles are sure to get him laughing.

  • Milestones. From mastering potty training to dressing himself to starting preschool, your child is experiencing some major developmental milestones this year. Look for books that focus on these themes. Not only will they capture your preschooler’s interest, they’ll show him that other kids are facing—and triumphing over—the same challenges.

  • Diversity. Most toddlers think all other kids are just like them, an assumption that’s disproven when they enter preschool. You can prepare them for this revelation by reading books that illustrate the many similarities and differences between children. Look for books that show kids of all races, nationalities, sizes, body types, and living situations. The Baby Einstein Playful Discoveries club portrays children and families of all different ethnicities.

  • Real objects. Three-year-olds relate best to books that present familiar entities from their own world. Choose stories that incorporate cars, trucks, houses, furniture, and other familiar objects.

To help build a robust library of books for your preschooler, you might want to consider joining a book club like Dr. Seuss™ & His Friends. The many benefits of a book club include hand-picked recommendations of books that match your child’s age and preferences, access to the most popular titles, and convenient doorstep delivery.

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