Promoting Literacy: 4-6 Years Old


Promoting Literacy: 4-6 Years Old

While reading will serve as an essential educational tool at school, it should continue to take on a more personal feel at home. In many ways, your kindergartner is an independent, self-sufficient little person, but she still craves a sense of closeness and intimacy with you. In the flurry of activities and distractions that make up the typical busy family’s day-to-day life, setting aside time to share a book with your child is an easy way to slow down and re-connect.

Children of this age will start to demonstrate an understanding of some of the following concepts:

  • The printed words on a page represent what is being spoken.

  • Books have a beginning, middle, and an end.

  • Certain words may sound the same, but are spelled differently and mean different things (such as bye and by, sore and soar, and write and right).

  • Text is written and read from left to right.

  • Spaces designate a separation between words.

  • Written words have a direct relationship to the pictures or drawings on the page.

When choosing books for this age range, focus on themes that are relative to the challenges and milestones your child is experiencing. For instance, if she’s anxious about starting kindergarten, read a story that details a typical first day at school. If your family is facing an imminent move, look for a book that explores the topic of saying goodbye to an old house and settling into a new one.

In today’s high-tech age, most schools are using computers and the Internet to teach key skills, including early literacy. Help your child become familiar with the basic functions of using a mouse and keyboard. Visit EarlyMoments for fun, educational literacy activities the whole family can enjoy together.

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