Ages 1-2


Literacy Skills: Ages 1-2

As your baby enters toddlerhood, he’ll approach a whole new set of firsts, most notably first steps and first words. The random syllables he’s been trying out over the past few months will develop into his first honest-to-goodness words. It’s estimated that your child will learn up to 10 new words each day, usually starting to string two or more together into phrases by 18 months of age. (Remember, every child develops at a different pace. If you have any questions or concerns about your child's development, ask your pediatrician.)

As your toddler’s imagination soars, pretending is likely to become a favorite activity. If you see your little one paging through a book and pretending to read along, he’s engaging in a constructive early literacy activity. One-year-olds are also intent on forging their independence in their little circle of the world, attempting to put on and take off socks and shoes, climb onto and off of furniture, and put on and remove lids. This newfound self-sufficiency will also extend to reading—don’t be surprised if your toddler insists on holding the book or turning the pages while you read.

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