Ages 2-3


Literacy Skills: Ages 2-3

Between the ages of two and three, most toddlers experience a dramatic increase in vocabulary. Although she may not use all of them in conversation, your little one will likely comprehend up to 400 words by the time she reaches her third birthday. Levels of communication will differ widely—while many two-year-olds still correspond with one or two words at a time, others will begin to form short sentences and grasp the correct usage of plurals, past tense, and pronouns.

Now more than ever, it’s critical to expose your older toddler to regular reading sessions to encourage her language development. As her imagination continues to expand, she’ll become more interested and engaged in story lines, following along with basic plots and beginning to memorize favorite rhymes and phrases. As your child approaches the three-year mark, she’ll be more likely to take a break from her constant explorations and snuggle into a chair with you and a book, making story time an enjoyable and intimate experience for both of you.

Recommended Reading for Ages 2 – 3

Disney Wonderful World of Reading Elmo's Learning Adventure Dr. Seuss & His Friends

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