Preliteracy Skills: Prenatal

Bonding with Your Unborn Baby Through Books

If you’re like most expectant parents, the last few months of pregnancy will be a whirlwind of shopping and preparing—and a whole lot of waiting. In between tasks, you’ll likely feel impatient and anxious for your little one to arrive. While you won’t see your baby’s face until he’s made his debut, you don’t have to wait until delivery to begin interacting with him.

The womb is not a quiet environment. As early as six months in utero, your baby is already accustomed to the sound of his mother’s heartbeat, the rushing of blood through the umbilical cord, and digestive sounds. Although noises from outside the womb—like the voices of his future parents—will be about 10 decibels lower, they’ll be perceived with amazing clarity. From week 25 on, your baby will use sound as his primary connection to the world and his central source of information about what’s going on outside of your womb.

Now that your baby is primed to hear what you have to say, what better way to introduce yourself than by sharing a favorite book?

Recommendations to Read Aloud During Pregnancy

Baby Einstein Playful Discoveries Disney Wonderful World of Reading Dr. Seuss & His Friends

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