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  • Mr. Brown Can MOO! Can You?

    In this Dr. Seuss classic, the mustached Mr. Brown moos like a cow, squeaks like a shoe, and even dibble, dibble, dibble dopps like the rain, encouraging young readers to practice pronunciation along the way.

  • Marvin K. Mooney...Will You Please Go Now?

    "The time has come The time is now Marvin K. Mooney, will you please go now!"

  • C Is for Clown

    A circus of C words are featured in this comical classic created by Stan and Jan Berenstain, authors who have delighted children with their books for over 50 years.

  • He Bear She Bear

    "He" and "she" authors Stan and Jan Berenstain inspire readers of He Bear She Bear by asking the question: What will Brother Bear and Sister Bear be when they grow up?

  • The Shape of Me and Other Stuff

    This wonderful story by Dr. Seuss rejoices in the uniqueness of all things, because everything has a different shape.

  • Snug House, Bug House

    How do bugs build a house? They simply start with a small ball, then cut it, glue it, nail it, and screw it into a happy home.

  • Bears in the Night

    For Bears in the Night, Dr. Seuss collaborators Stan and Jan Berenstain recount the tale of seven little bears that slip out in the night to investigate a spooky sound.

  • The Knee Book

    In the tradition of other body part books such as The Foot Book and Hand, Hand, Finger, Thumb, comes this wonderful Bright and Early storybook by Graham Tether that celebrates knees!

  • Monster Parade

    Many monsters are out on parade having trick-or-treat fun! The bubbly rhyme of author Shana Corey and the soft (and not at all scary) artwork of Will Terry combine to celebrate the fun of Halloween!

  • The Worst Helper Ever!

    Charlie Cat is happy to lend a hand, but his mistakes seem to make more work for poor Farmer Pig.

  • Wings On Things

    Though perhaps best known for his beloved Arthur series, author/illustrator Marc Brown stretches his wings with an amusing look at all kinds of things that canand cantsoar through the air.

  • Dancing Dinos At The Beach

    Has your child ever wished that storybook characters could leap out of a book to play for a day? See what happens when dancing dinosaurs do just that!

  • Ten Eggs In A Nest

    Author Marilyn Sadler combines two important learning conceptsearly reading and early mathinto one fun story!

  • The A Book

    From beloved authors Stan and Jan Berenstain comes an awesome adventure all about the letter A.

  • Bears on Wheels

    How many bears on wheels are there? The unexpected answers keep children wondering as they wait for one little bear on a wheel to finish his ride.

  • Great Day for UP

    This humorous story will have everyone, everywhere, feeling UP! Not surprisingly, Dr. Seuss may have a surprise for his readers...

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