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Put Me in the Zoo

A riveting tale of Spot, an amazing leopard whos eager to live not in the wild, but in a zoo!

  • Sam and the Firefly

    One night an owl named Sam teaches a fun-loving firefly named Gus how to write words with the light of the fireflys tail.

  • Snow

    Children and snow are meant to be together. Remember the joy and anticipation of watching the season's first snowflakes fall when you were a child?

  • Stop That Ball!

    When a little boy hits his rubber ball over a wall, it gets bounced, thrown, kicked, and blown all over town! But the boy never gives up and keeps chasing the ball, even though it seems the ball could keep going all day and all night.

  • Summer

    Every season gives us something to celebrate,and author Alice Low's classic lilting verse reminds readers of all the joys of summer, from fireworks and fairs to picnics and campouts.

  • Ten Apples Up On Top!

    This book is a fun way for children to learn numbers by counting as a lion, tiger, and dog balance apples on their heads and try not to let them drop.

  • The Bear Scouts

    When the Bear Scouts go camping, Papa Bear goes along to show them what to do.

  • The Big Honey Hunt

    Papa and Small Bear are on a mission to get more honey. Will they go to the store like Mama suggests or do they have something better planned?

  • The Cat in the Hat Comes Back

    When Seuss wrote The Cat in the Hat Comes Back, The New York Times said, "the new antics of The Cat in the Hat Comes Back are just as funny and unexpected

  • The Cat in the Hat

    Dr. Seuss tells a tale about a brother and sister home alone when a cat in a silly hat drops by.

  • The Digging-est Dog

    In The Digging-est Dog, Duke spends his life in the pet store until he is adopted and goes to live on a farm with a boy named Sammy

  • The Early Bird

    Who says birds and worms cant be friends? Richard Scarrys The Early Bird is a gentle lesson about tolerance as a young bird tries to find a worm, which is difficult, since hes never seen one.

  • The Missing Dinosaur Bone

    A dinosaur bone is missing, and the museum is opening in an hour! Luckily the Bear Detectives are on the case.

  • Wacky Wednesday

    With Dr. Seuss at the wheel anything could happen on this Wacky Wednesday.

  • Put Me in the Zoo

    A riveting tale of Spot, an amazing leopard whos eager to live not in the wild, but in a zoo!

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