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  • Oh the THINGS You Can DO That Are GOOD for You!

    Take a trip with the Cat in the Hat to far-off Fadoo and learn about things that are good for you! Readers will learn what they need to do to stay healthy from characters inspired by Dr. Seuss

  • Oh Say Can You Say Di-no-saur?

    With the Cat in the Hat as your tour guide, take a trip to the Super Dino Museum for a look at some of the most fascinating creatures that ever roamed Earth.

  • A Great Day for Pup

    Travel all around the world with the Cat in the Hat and spend some time learning all about adorable wild baby animals.

  • A Whale Of A Tale

    Climb aboard a very special ship with the Cat in the Hat to learn about the wonders of whales and porpoises and dolphins.

  • Clam I Am

    A trip to the beach turns into a talk show hosted by the Fish, with a little help from the Cat in the Hat.

  • I Can Name 50 Trees Today

    Have a tree-mendous time as the Cat in the Hat shows you the many terrific things about trees!

  • If I Ran The Rain Forest

    The Cat in the Hat starts at the top of the rain forest, that isand takes readers down through the different layers to see all sorts of wonderful creatures and incredible plants and trees.

  • Inside Your Outside

    How busy is your body as you sit there reading this?

  • Miles and Miles of Reptiles

    Readers who are fascinated with cool creatures that slither, swim, and crawl will be happy to take a ride with the Cat in the Hat to meet some remarkable reptiles.

  • My, Oh My - A Butterfly

    Butterflies are not only a pretty insect, they are also pretty fascinating! The Cat in the Hat gives readers a closer look at these delicate creatures, which hatch from tiny eggs into wiggly caterpillars.

  • Oh, The Pets You Can Get

    This delightful story is perfect for anyone who has or is considering adding a pet to the family. The Cat in the Hat takes readers on a trip to Gerpletza place where they happen to know all about pets.

  • On Beyond Bugs

    Whats all the buzz about? Why, its because the Cat in the Hat is grabbing a magnifying glass and giving readers a close-up look at the incredible world of insects.

  • One Cent, Two Cents, Old Cent

    The Cat in the Hat makes sense out of dollars and cents!

  • Wish For A Fish

    Take a guided submarine tour through the ocean with the Cat in the Hat. Go along with Dick and Sally on a unique trip through the different zones of the ocean to meet a few of the unusual animals that live there.

  • Fine Feathered Friends

    Learn all about birds with the Cat in the Hat in the classic Fine Feathered Friends. Based on the works of Dr. Seuss, this informative story shows readers all kinds of birds.

  • Is a Camel a Mammal?

    The lovable Cat in the Hat is back in Is a Camel a Mammal? to show readers some of the many incredible animals that we call mammals.

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