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  • Who Lives Here?

    Young readers experience the wonders of nature throughout these sturdy, wipe-clean pages.

  • Music on the Go

    Music is often found in the most unexpected places, as shown in this delightfully singable book. Children are encouraged to find rhythms in things they see and use every day.

  • Mimi's Day

    One of the most beloved Baby Einstein heroines returns in this lighthearted book.

  • Head to Toe

    Celebrate every inch of your child with this delightful board book, from her soft baby hair down to her chubby toes.

  • Music around the House

    Your child will love learning about the sounds they will hear all around the house as you read along

  • A Day at the Beach

    As your baby spends time exploring the "beach" (no sunscreen needed!) in this wonderfully illustrated board book, he will be able to touch and feel a different shape and texture each time a page is turned.

  • I See Shapes

    Your babys world may seem simple, but the skills she is developing are anything but! Each day your baby encounters new things, and gradually learns the words for them.

  • Nursery Rhymes

    Traditional childrens nursery rhymes and verse have many early literacy benefits, including helping children learn to recognize different letter sounds through rhyme and repetition.

  • A Yummy Surprise

    As one of their earliest treats, fruit captivates babies with vibrant colors and sweet tastesand in addition to being delicious and fun to eat, its good for them!

  • What I Like

    Fun rhymes and vivid illustrations combine with fine art by such greats as Mary Cassat and Auguste Renoir in whats sure to be an instant hit with your little one.

  • Sensing Nature

    Instinctively, babies use all of their senses to learn about the world around them. This book is inspired by that method of discovery to focus on the different ways we can learn about natural environments.

  • Weather Window

    Its easy for you to watch the weather with your baby by looking out of your window.

  • Playing in the Park

    Every toddler loves the park, and yours will enjoy revisiting all of his favorite activities in this delightful counting book.

  • Opposites

    Opposites will help your child better understand opposites, such as over and under, in a fun and whimsical manner.

  • A Nose Like This

    A baby might like to grab the nose of mom, dad, or whoever is holding him, and eventually be able to point to his own nose.

  • Big and Small

    Follow along with Baby Einsteins Jane as she travels around spotting animals both big and small.

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