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Learning with Animals Vol. 1

Enter a world of learning fun with Elmo and his fish, Dorothy, as they explore the concepts of colors and shapes.

  • Happy & Sad, Grouchy & Glad

    The characters from Sesame Street are ready to share their feelings with you in one of Prairie Dawns delightful plays.

  • A Trip to the Museum

    Elmo and his Sesame Street friends are visiting the art museum. Elmo thinks he sees a little black puppy in the museum, but when he asks his friends, they each show him their favorite dog-themed artwork in the museum instead.

  • A Visit to Grover's Farm

    Where do foods such as apples, honey, and milk come from? The supermarket, right? No! Elmo learns how good foods like these get to market in this delightful story that both encourages healthy eating and teaches children how food is connected to farms.

  • A Visit to the Zoo

    Elmo wants a pet elephant. When he cant find one at the pet store, Elmo goes to the Sesame Street zoo...

  • A Year Starts Here

    This book contains two fun stories that introduce your child to simple calendar concepts. The book starts with a rhyming story highlighting the days of a super-special week (one that leads up to Rositas birthday!)

  • ABC and 1, 2, 3

    Some Sesame Street friends are looking for the perfect spot for a picnic but nothing is quite right...

  • Abby in Wonderland

    Follow fairy-in-training Abby Cadabby as she chases a furry, red (familiar-looking) rabbit down a hole and into a wonderful new world!

  • Animal Alphabet

    Let Elmo take your child on a trip from Ape to Zebra in Animal Alphabet. With the help of his Sesame Street friends, Elmo introduces animals for each letter of the alphabet, such as the kicky kangaroo and the kindly koala.

  • Caring and Sharing

    What would a monster do when she has some and a friend has none? Share of course!

  • Check-up Time for Elmo

    If your child is headed for a visit to the doctor, this is the perfect storybook to read together so that you can soothe any pre-visit jitters.

  • Colors Everywhere!

    The concept of color recognition takes center stage in both charming stories in this book, which brings together two bestselling classics from Sesames early years.

  • Counting All Around

    The bright artwork and simple verse in Counting All Around is sure to encourage your child to do just that. Zoe is inviting 10 friends to her birthday party, so she needs to mail 10 invitations.

  • Elmo's ABC Book

    Which letter is Elmos favorite letter of the alphabet?

  • Elmo's Birthday

    Elmo is very excited because its his birthday. The furry red monster knows exactly what to wish for on his birthdayits black and furry and will sleep on his bed at night.

  • Elmo's Colorful Adventure

    Take a colorful trip through Elmos World as Elmo looks for his favorite toy, Baby David.

  • Learning with Animals Vol. 1

    Enter a world of learning fun with Elmo and his fish, Dorothy, as they explore the concepts of colors and shapes.

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