“We have this and we absolutely love it!”

   — Marlena P. 

“Love Dr. Seuss. I still have all the books we had when the kids were little – now they are all in the 50s.”

   — Cathy A. 

“My husband get just as excited as the girls over or book deliveries. We got our new set yesterday! Green Eggs and Ham is our girls’ favorite. They ask to read it almost every night. Daddy loves the Horton books. And Mom was excited to see Berestain Bears books. (I’ve all ways loved them!)”

   — Justine M. 

“This is where I got my collection. Good deal.”

   — Shadara N. 

“My Granddaughter, Arya is loving her books, I think these are sets 3 and 4. We are excited for the next delivery. So far, The Cat in the Hat is her favorite and she insists on having it read to her before bed every night.”

   — Susie M. 

Green Eggs and Ham was read to my son by request EVERY night, sometimes twice. It one of the 1st books my son learned to read. Geez, it drove me nuts but seeing that he was reading at 3 was the cherry on top. I will be gifting this for a birthday gift!”

   — Darlene F. 

“Granddaughter, Arya, is loving her books, I think these are sets 3 and 4. We are excited for the next delivery. So far, The Cat in the Hat is her favorite and she insists on having it read to her before bed every night.”

     — Susie M.

“I really love my welcome shipment for the Dr. Seuss and Friends! I can’t wait for the next ones to come!”

   — KellyAnn W. 


   — Cathie R. in reference to The Berenstains’ The B Book 

“Can’t wait until next shipment of books comes out. Reading the first set was so exciting.”

     — Tymiya M.

“My son will be 30 this year and his collection looks as good as it did the day I started getting them. He has 30 books his that the total in the collection, I’m hoping to pass them on to grandbabies in the near future?”

     — Crystal P.

“My son loves the books!!! He gets excited for them every month!!!”

    — Pilly H.

“Who doesn’t like Dr. Seuss? There must be at least one book in every child’s life.”

     — Nat M.

“We have had [an] awesome time reading Dr.Seuss Books this week!!”

     — Tasha B.

“There’s not a ‘grownup kid’ in the world doesn’t like Cat In The Hat. That’s truer than true!”

     — Patricia D-B.

“I grew up reading these books, my daughters did too. And I’m proud to say, my granddaughter will also learn to read and continue to read all of these favorites of ours. Hopefully she will also use these books with her future children.”

 — Maretta H. 

“There are so many things I love about the Dr. Seuss Book Club . . . I love that I am sharing the love of reading with Nevaeh. I love they let me know beforehand which books are shipping. I love that if the shipment date doesn’t work with something, ie. travel, pay schedule, etc., I can change the shipment date to a date that suits me better. I love that I grew up on Dr Seuss, My daughter grew up on Dr Seuss and now, I am giving it to my grand baby!!! Love Love Love Dr Seuss.”

    — Michelle J.

“I had this collection for my son (I knew each book by heart), Now I would like them for my Granddaughter. Thank you.”

    — Linda S.

“I loved this one too.”

    — Scott G. in reference to Put Me in the Zoo

“These are classics for every parent to share with children.”

     — Denmark V.

“This was one of the first books I received after my daughter was born. I’ve been reading it to her since she was just a couple of months old and now she’s almost 2. This is by far her favorite book and she even makes the sounds with me when we read it!”

    — Natalie J. in reference to Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?

“Dr. Seuss stimulates creativity!”

     — Marybeth Z.

“Today I loved reading The Cat in the Hat during circle time. My favorite part of the book was when the cat fell off of the ball and everything flew off his head. That was so funny!”

      — Tyler W. (age 2)

“I am a retired pre-school teacher. What wonderful additional suggestions for each book. I ordered the set for my great-grandsons.”

      — Inge J. in reference to Dr. Seuss’s ABC

“I began this for my 18 month old because I love dr Seuss books, in particular Green Eggs and Ham.”

      — Wayne & Rebekah M..

“Dr. Seuss is awesome. Love his books!”

      — Casey S..

“I am amazed at the wit and truth in Dr. Seuss poems. :)”
— Kelly M.

“Your books are great!”

      — Kandii G.

“Dr Seuss books are packed with punch lines. I love reading them as much as my daughter does.

      — Aarthi G. 

“This is my favorite book as my grandma always read this to me.”

      — Christina E. in reference to The King, the Mice, and the Cheese 

“My grandchild had trouble reading, so I bought him the monthly Cat in the Hat. He is reading. Yippeeeee!”

      — Mora W.