“I’ve been a member for 2 years, we anxiously await our new books each month! Never had any issues at all. When we’ve had to call in, customer service was prompt and friendly. Highly recommended this . . . At the book store, 1 Dr.Seuss book . . . [costs more], plus the hassle of taking two kids into a book store! Don’t overlook . . . it’s worth trying out for yourself. I promise.”

     — Maegan P.

“This company is great! Good deals and amazing customer service. I highly recommend them!”

     — Devon S.

“Always have great communication and service. My son can’t get enough books! We are joining our THIRD book club!”

     — Kim N.

 “We love these books. My kids can’t wait to open the package and see what books we got.”

     — Nicole E.


     — Michelle C.

“I was an avid reader as a child. I read so much that my mom joined every book club she could find and had them ship as frequently as possible. I started reading when I was 3 years old. Now I have a 5 year old daughter and I joined Early Moments to try to get her interested in reading. ”

     — Lee G.

“Wesley loves his books he gets each month.”

     — Ruth R.

“It’s always good to have new books in the house. This keeps Amir reading.”

     — Simone W.

“The small investment you make with your child will pay HUGE dividends later.”
— Kinder Garden Learning Center

“This my first time through the company my son is 1 and enjoys reading time, so hope he enjoys his books. can’t wait to the next shipment and see what it is . . . “

     — Tymiya M.

“Some of my best memories with my boys. They were so sweet and cuddly after their baths.”

     — Claire C.

“When we read to our children we are immersing our children in book language, rich vocabulary and language structure that our children may not hear in every day conversations and different text types and genres. It amazes me that so many parents are choosing not to read to their children because the ‘haven’t got time’!”
— Sharon W.

“Not only are the products from Early Moments great quality but the service received is so personal. In my book, the program is top of the line! …I am very impressed and so happy to see my son excited by reading. Keep up the great work.”

     — Lauren B., Levittown, PA

“Compliments to Early Moments! The books have caught Sarah’s interest, even as a newborn!”
—Greta R., Philadelphia, PA

Early Moments has created many happy moments for Samantha and me together, sharing the fun of learning and discovering her learning abilities as we receive new books each month. Thank you.”

     — Diana T., Del Rio, TX

“Hannah and I look forward to receiving our package from Early Moments each month. They keep up with her learning progress and continue to challenge her. She wants them read to her every day until a new one arrives and will even try to read them herself! I like the personal service when I want to discuss my daughter’s progress.”

     — Leslie F., Lafayette Hill, PA

“Rebecca is never bored… and never frustrated… with the books you send. They seem to contain just the right themes, pictures, and content to keep her interest. We always look forward to our next shipment!”

     — Jessica S., Virginia Beach, VA

“I enrolled my four-month-old son at birth and have been very pleased with every shipment. Elijah enjoys me reading the books to him and is fascinated by the stories and rhymes. Thank you for your wonderful products for children.”

     — Michelle S., Marshall, IL

“I love Early Moments. As both a parent and a teacher, I can attest to the fact that the books provide an excellent beginning to a life-long love of learning.”

     — Alyese F., Chicago, IL

“My daughter is 2 and could just read all day! It’s her favorite thing to do! Whether we read together or she looks at the pictures and makes up her own stories. Thank you for providing great books for her!”

     — Hanna P.

“BEST memories reading to my children . . . “
— Toni G.

“Ordered mine in Sept got them in Oct and satisfied. I paid for them as I ordered and will try to when I receive new shipment. Can’t wait to read them to my grandchildren!”

     — Linda F.

“Grandkids enjoyed the books. Never had any trouble with orders or shipments.”

   — Dani H.

“It is through the pages of books that we see ourselves, others and the world of other great minds wrestling with the world’s problems.”

   — Moses P.