“Got my son’s first kit . . . starting tonight we will do story time together. I know the Sesame Street Book Club is for older children but he likes them anyway, so we just continue to get these books and save the activities for when he is older to do them . . . I liked the storage case that came with the kit.”

     — Tymiya M.   

“My twins are 5 months old (3 months adjusted). They LOVE when I read these books to them. I know they have no idea what the heck I am saying to them, but the pictures captivate them and keep their attention the whole story. 🙂 I’m sure your son will love them!”

     — Manda M.   

“I loved Sesame Street when I was growing up and even these books are for ages 3-4. I like them and he enjoys them. Just have to wait until he is older to do any of the activities, but it’s worth the wait. 2 yrs will go by fast. LOL!”

     — Tymiya M.