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Every parent wants only the best for their children—and that means helping them develop into creative, well-rounded, and happy people. Instilling a love of reading in your child will help them achieve greater success in their lives, and with our Disney Book Club, it’s easier than ever to do just that.


Create a deep connection with your child and rekindle your own childhood when you share the beloved stories you grew up with, from Bambi and Peter Pan to
The Lion King and The Little Mermaid.


From the classic Toy Story trilogy to titles like Finding NemoMonsters, Inc., and Cars, your child will love these exciting, beautifully illustrated stories in quality hardcover books.


Delight your children with the characters they already love, brought to life with these interactive stories. Explore the ancient Scottish highlands in Brave, the golden age of New Orleans jazz in The Princess and the Frog, Norway’s majestic views in Frozen, the secret world of the fairies of Pixie Hollow, and more as your child has never experienced them before.


To make the club even more relevant in today’s digital world, for the first time ever, the Disney Book Club offers the digital eBook for each of the Disney books you receive in your membership. That way, no matter where you are or what your preference, your child can get the benefits from reading.

While these stories help your child achieve improved memory, greater concentration, and a broad, rich vocabulary, among other cognitive benefits, the Disney Book Club delivers even greater rewards for parents and little ones. Our book club can help you develop calming and relaxing routines to help your child re-center himself and reconnect with you, encourage active imaginations, and create memories that last a lifetime—all while collecting a quality home library that your family will treasure for generations.


Remember the excitement of seeing the sparkling Disney castle being drawn on a movie screen or television? Now you can recreate that magic with your own children through these fun at-home activities, inspired by Disney. Travel to the world of The Lion King with a home “safari” using stuffed animals throughout the house—in plain sight for little ones, and partially hidden for older children to “discover.”

Bring the Disney musical format to dinner with “international music nights.” Play songs that go with your cuisine—tacos and mariachi, lasagna and operas, or takeout and traditional Chinese music.

Play “follow the footprints” by creating a trail of paper footprints for your child to follow, perhaps with a stuffed Dalmatian from 101 Dalmatians at the end of the path!

Put on an animal parade: Help your child stomp like an elephant, waddle like a penguin, hop like a bunny, or flap like a bird, and call out different animals as you parade around the house.

Pretend that a doll or stuffed animal has “come to life” for the day and treat it as real. Encourage your child to tell you what the toy is thinking and feeling throughout the day.


Reading is a wonderful bonding activity that lets you and your children take a break from the rush of everyday life and reconnect with each other. When you cuddle up to enjoy these Disney titles, you’ll create magical moments your children will always remember.

Take turns reading so that everyone in the family gets a chance—even little ones who can’t yet recognize words can “tell” parts of the story. You and your child will quickly notice that some of the words in the book have been “illustrated” or have a special treatment in order to reflect the meaning of those words. Point out those words and encourage your child to “read” that word every time it comes up in the story. If it’s a word your child isn’t familiar with, have your child try to guess the word’s meaning using the clues in the pictures and how the word itself has been “illustrated.” Reading these special Disney books helps your children develop confidence and enhances their imaginations.

Family reading is also an excellent way to establish routines that help children stay calm and relaxed. Choose favorite Disney stories to read at bedtime, nap or quiet time, or even during baths or while preparing meals.


When you join the Disney Book Club, you and your child will receive high quality books for your home library, with hard, durable covers that make reading easy for little hands, and uniform sizes that look great as a collection on your child’s shelves.

Each shipment of books is hand-selected by educational experts to match your child’s reading level and interests. These Disney Book Club titles will never break, run out of batteries, or become obsolete—and you’ll create lasting memories that your children can pass down for generations to come.