No two parents are exactly alike, but most share a common goal: to provide the best for their children. Above and beyond the obvious basic needs—cribs, changing tables, strollers, clothing—proper guidance and support are essential to helping your little one achieve important developmental milestones. Formal education may not begin until preschool, but your child actually begins learning from the very first day he or she enters the world.

Encouraging your child to embrace the joys of reading is one of the most important things you can do to help ensure her academic success, social and communication skills, healthy expression of emotions, and cognitive development. Early reading has also been shown to foster better memory, concentration, and vocabulary skills later in life.




The Dr. Seuss & His Friends book club was created to help parents build a library of insightful, entertaining books for their children to enjoy. While it’s certainly possible—and encouraged—to create your own family reading routine, joining a book club can offer an abundance of advantages to both parents and children.


  1. Recapture your childhood. Return to a more carefree, lighthearted time by embracing the same classic favorites you enjoyed as a youngster—this time through the eyes of your own children—when you join the Dr. Seuss & His Friends book club.
  2. Connect with your family. Sharing a book by Dr. Seuss or one of the other well-known authors in the club—P.D. Eastman, Stan and Jan Berenstain, Robert Lopshire, and Richard Scarry, among others—provides an excellent opportunity to cuddle up with your children and page through a family-friendly story, forging bonds that will endure for a lifetime.
  3. Help soothe your child. From a very early age, infants have shown a proclivity for their parent’s voice, heartbeat, and smell. Reading Dr. Seuss titles out loud while holding your baby close helps to create a calming, nurturing environment and establish a love of reading early on.
  4. Create a relaxing routine. Reading is one of the most calming activities you can incorporate into your child’s day, providing a welcome break from the typically frenzied nature of modern family life. Use your favorite Dr. Seuss stories to prepare kids for bedtime or naptime, or just to provide some downtime for relaxing and unwinding.
  5. brp_nursery_library For an educational, cost-effective learning tool that’s also highly entertaining, you can’t beat the power of books. Encourage your children to maintain their own personal libraries of Dr. Seuss characters. When you join the Dr. Seuss & His Friends book club, they can swap and share among themselves, “checking out” books from siblings’ libraries. When you join our book club, you’ll receive easily digestible monthly shipments of titles hand-picked by today’s educational experts, tailored to your child’s age range and interests.
  6. Foster creativity and imagination. The uncontested master of creative verse, Dr. Seuss adhered to a poetic meter called anapestic tetrameter to create his innovative, rhythmic rhymes. His unique wordplay and whimsical tongue twisters are ideal for building the imaginations of your little ones.
  7. Provide an interactive reading experience. The stories in the Dr. Seuss & His Friends book club are meant to be performed, not read silently. Incorporate drama and inflection into each verse, demonstrating to your children how fun and interactive reading can be.
  8. Read, enjoy, and repeat. Toddlers thrive on routine. The rhythmic nature of the verses presented by Dr. Seuss and various other wonderful children’s book authors is conducive to repetition. After “The End,” you can fully expect to hear “Again!”