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Yertle the Turtle and Other Stories

In the classic Yertle the Turtle and Other Stories, Dr. Seuss shares a trio of cautionary tales—all demonstrating that someone who sets themselves above others is in for an unpleasant surprise. The book begins with Yertle the Turtle, a king who seeks power by climbing on the backs of other turtles—and forgetting about the turtles on the bottom. (A message for all would-be dictators!) It’s followed by the story of vain Gertrude McFuzz, a bird who isn’t happy with her lone tail feather. Finally, a story about a boastful rabbit and bear that are put in their place by a wise worm completes the collection. The expressive illustrations capture the humor and lessons of the stories—Yertle the Turtle and Other Stories would be a wonderful addition to any bookshelf.

Tie-in Activity: Make a turtle! Let your child decorate the bottom of a paper bowl for the turtle’s shell. From green construction paper, you or your child can cut out a large green circle for a head and five triangles for a tail and feet, and glue them to the sides of the bowl.

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