Al Perkins


Al Perkins

Al Perkins was a renowned author and illustrator of some of the most innovative children’s books of his time, with many of his beloved titles included in the Bright and Early and Beginner Books series. His light, easily digestible verses and artistic drawings make his books a favorite choice among parents of budding young readers.

Throughout the 1960s, Al Perkins wrote and/or illustrated the following classic favorites:

  • Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb: In this timeless children’s tale, a group of friendly, dancing monkeys teach readers about using their hands and fingers. Reinforces lessons of basic anatomy.

  • The Ear Book: Oversized, simple illustrations make this a visually stimulating book for babies and toddlers. Teaches kids the importance of listening and paying attention to their surroundings.

  • The Nose Book: This simple book presents all sizes, shapes, and colors of noses, while touching on their purposes. Teaches children valuable lessons about diversity and anatomy.

  • The Eye Book

  • The Digging-est Dog: In this lighthearted tale, a dog is intent on learning how to dig, persevering until he’s dug up the whole town. Shows readers the importance of tenacity and determination.

  • Hugh Lofting’s Travels of Doctor Doolitte: A beginner’s adaption of the beloved story about the doctor who learned to communicate with animals, this is one of Perkins’s most adventurous tales. Fosters imagination and creativity in young readers.


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