Jon Buller


Jon Buller

The illustrator of 26 children’s books, Jon Buller has become a renowned figure in the industry. His first passion was comics, fueled by an early drawing lesson from his Uncle Joe. As an eight-year-old, Jon and his friends enjoyed penning their own comic strips on sketchpads. After graduating from college with a degree in English, Jon held a series of office jobs that proved unfulfilling.

Jon returned to the comic arena in 1974 when he began penning a strip called “Bob Blob” for a local newspaper. One of Jon’s neighbors, a successful children’s illustrator named Lucinda McQueen, encouraged Jon to extend his talents to the publishing field. It took seven years before Jon’s first book was sold. He and his wife at the time, Susan Schade, soon began writing stories together and the couple went on to publish dozens of acclaimed titles.

Below are some of the most renowned books Jon has illustrated:

  • Snug House, Bug House: In this Bright and Early book, a group of hard-working bugs formulate a plan to transform an old tennis ball into their dream house. Beginning readers will find the simple text easy to follow.

  • Snow Bugs: The hard-working bugs are at it again. This time, they’re enjoying a snow day in their typical bug-like fashion.

  • No Tooth, No Quarter!: When little Walter finally loses his tooth, he’s distraught to learn that he’s misplaced it. This fun, imaginative tale follows his attempts to find it in time for pickup by the apprentice tooth fairy.

  • Toad Eats Out

  • Railway Toad



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