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Wings on Things

Take to the skies in this fun-to-read Bright and Early book. Though perhaps best known for his beloved Arthur series, author/illustrator Marc Brown stretches his wings with an amusing look at all kinds of things that can—and can’t—soar through the air. The colorful, comical drawings of birds, planes, and even spaceships bring the whimsical rhyming text to life. This book will have young readers feel like they’re flying as they enjoy the accomplishment of being able to read this delightful story all by themselves.

Tie-in Activity: Let your child create her very own wings. Encourage her to trace and cut out her handprints from a sheet of white cardstock and cut them out. Draw and cut out an oval from the cardstock that is larger than her hands. Glue or tape the handprints to the side of the oval, like a pair of wings, then let your child decorate or add to the "creature" any way she wishes.