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I'll Teach My Dog 100 Words

Can a dog learn 100 words? Probably not, but your child will learn as you read this fast-paced book written by Michael Frith and illustrated by P.D. Eastman. "I'll teach my dog 100 words," the narrator begins as he lazily sits under a tree with his pooch. The result is a mad-cap romp that gets the whole town involved as the narrator teaches his dog the new words. At the end you might be tired, but so is the narrator who decides to teach his dog those 100 words "next year."

Tie-in Activity: For a fun bedtime word game, draw a large paw print on each of several sticky notes (however many you wish). Write the name of a different object in your house (bathtub, dresser, toothbrush, book, bed) inside each print. Place the prints on the appropriate things, and then have your child follow the "trail" to his room—where he’ll read this bedtime story.