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The Tooth Book

"Who has teeth? Well, look around and you’ll find out who. You'll find that red-headed uncles do." So begins The Tooth Book, Dr. Seuss’s rib-tickling tale of teeth that "come in handy when you speak." Written and illustrated for a younger audience, The Tooth Book’s vocabulary is limited, but the pictures enhance the story. Writing as Theo LeSieg—the good doctor’s pen name for books he authored but did not illustrate—Dr. Seuss underscores the importance of our choppers in The Tooth Book. "don’t be dumb like Katy Klopps. Don’t try to chew off bottle tops."

Tie-in Activity: As you read the book, let your baby explore your teeth with her fingers (washing hands before and after, of course). Or read this story just before morning or evening tooth-brushing time to encourage your child’s healthy habits.