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The Belly Book

There are many different kinds of bellies—from bunny bellies and funny bellies to green bellies and clean bellies. The rollicking rhyme and the comical illustrations by author and illustrator Joe Harris present us with an amusing look at lots and lots of bellies—as well as some very good advice about taking care of our own bellies by feeding them healthy food. It’s a great book to enjoy with your little one as she’s learning about the parts of the body. Don’t be surprised if it even produces some belly laughs from both of you.

Tie-in Activity: Bellies can also give rides to stuffed animals, and encourage gross-motor development at the same time. Have your little one sit on the floor, leaning back slightly with his hands resting on the floor to help to support him. Put a small stuffed animal on his belly and encourage him to give a "ride" to the animal by using his hands and feet to push himself backward. Make it a game by seeing how far he can go without the stuffed animal falling off his belly.