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Have You Seen My Dinosaur?

Readers are sure to enjoy this story about an incredible game of prehistoric hide-and-seek. The lyrical verse of Jon Surgal takes us on a trip through town as a young boy looks for his pet dinosaur. But no one in town has seen a dinosaur. In fact, no one but the boy thinks dinosaurs still exist. But readers can see, with delightful illustrations by Joe Mathieu, that the boy’s bright green dinosaur is hiding in plain sight! Will the little boy find his pet dinosaur? With a little help from the reader, it’s sure to be a happy ending.

Tie-in Activity: For a twist on the traditional game of hide-and-seek, try playing What’s Wrong with This Room? Have your child leave the room. Next, set up things that don’t belong in that room. You might put a chair leg in a boot, tie a scarf around a lamp, replace the phone with a banana, or have a teddy bear reading a book. Use your imagination to create a topsy-turvy room, and then have your child come back in and try to find the things that have changed.