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Fred and Ted's Road Trip

Writer and illustrator Peter Eastman picks up the pen from his father, P.D. Eastman, and continues the adventures of Fred and Ted, the lovable dogs from Big Dog Little Dog! The two dogs are hopping into their cars and taking a road trip. But even though they’re going the same way, they never seem to do quite the same thing—delighting readers with their silly antics. It also gives early readers the chance to learn new words while the humorous illustrations give contextual clues to the meaning of those words. It’s a Dr. Seuss & His Friends’ Beginner Book at its best: simple words, whimsical pictures, and a story to make readers smile.

Tie-in Activity: Fred and Ted always seem to be doing opposite things, so let this story inspire a game of Opposite-the-Leader. Instead of doing exactly what you do (as in a traditional game of follow-the-leader) have your child do the opposite. If you reach down low, she can reach up high. If you step to the left, she can step to the right. If you sing softly, she can sing loudly. Use your imagination—and guide your child in the game—to reinforce the concept of opposites.