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The Worst Helper Ever!

Famed children’s author and illustrator Richard Scarry brings some of his classic characters—and their misadventures—to younger readers in this simple story about Farmer Pig’s effort to find some help around the busy farm. Charlie Cat is happy to lend a hand, but his mistakes seem to make more work for poor Farmer Pig. The easy-to-read story is complemented by Scarry’s engaging illustrations, which readers will enjoy poring over as they spot all the delightful details that make Richard Scarry’s books so much fun.

Tie-in Activity: Though it’s never too early to encourage children to help around the house, parents are sometimes reluctant because a child’s help can initially create more work. Still, as Charlie Cat reminds Farmer Pig, everyone makes mistakes—and making mistakes is part of the learning process for children. Choose a chore that your child can help you with, explain how to do it, then let your child try to do it. If he makes a mistake, remind him that it’s okay and let him fix his mistake. It may take a few tries but soon you’ll have the best helper ever.