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Inside your Outside

How busy is your body as you sit there reading this? The answer is: Very! From blood pumping and lungs breathing to eyes moving and a brain that’s busy thinking, there are lots of things going on even when you are sitting still. Readers will see these things—and lots more—as they take a trip with the Cat in the Hat through the Inside-Your-Outside machine. The Cat will introduce bones, muscles, blood cells, and lots of other inside-the-body parts. Readers will also get a sense of what the five senses do! This book is as fun as it is fascinating—especially when you realize it’s all about you!

Tie-in Activity: Play a game that tests the sense of hearing. Have one person hide their eyes while another person makes different types of noises, such as tearing paper, crumpling a newspaper, shaking a sealed box of pasta, or unfastening a Velcro® tab. Relying only on hearing, the first person should try to identify what’s making the sound.