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A Whale of a Tale

Climb aboard a very special ship with the Cat in the Hat to learn about the wonders of whales—and porpoises and dolphins. Steered by Captain McElligot, the ship takes readers over and under the sea to explain the differences between fish and air-breathing mammals. The Cat also shows readers how to tell dolphins and porpoises apart—and a chance to see if readers can spot the differences on their own. Beautifully detailed and labeled illustrations identify a wide variety of porpoise, dolphin, and whale species. The lively rhyming text keeps the information fun and easy to grasp for young readers. This book is full of interesting facts on these amazing sea mammals—and it’s also full of Dr. Seuss-style fun!

Tie-in Activity: After reading the book, go back through and see if your child can imitate some of the animal actions found inside. In an open area with soft flooring, let your child stretch out and flip his tail (legs) up and down; breach (jump out of the water); or spin around.