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Miles and Miles of Reptiles

Readers who are fascinated with cool creatures that slither, swim, and crawl will be happy to take a ride with the Cat in the Hat to meet some remarkable reptiles. Kids will learn about lizards, like the color-changing chameleon and the marine iguana, an animal that is able to drink salt water. Readers will also meet snakes, turtles, alligators, and crocodiles! The beautiful illustrations clearly show each amazing reptile, and the expertly-reviewed series ensures the information is accurate. With page after page of amazing facts written in clever Seuss-style verse, this book may charm you into being a fan of snakes and other remarkable reptiles!

Tie-in Activity:  Make a "scaly" reptile print. Cut a simple lizard or snake shape out of a piece of bubble wrap. Paint the tops of the bubbles (not the flat side) with brightly colored poster paint(s). Flip the shape over and press it onto blank white paper to make a cool creature print.