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If I Ran the Rain Forest

The Cat in the Hat starts at the top—of the rain forest, that is—and takes readers down through the different layers to see all sorts of wonderful creatures and incredible plants and trees. The beautifully rendered illustrations show in detail the exotic birds and animals, while also highlighting the colorful plants, such as orchids, that inhabit this amazing ecosystem. Readers will see how animals and insects camouflage themselves among the leaves and trees—and be challenged to spot the creatures for themselves. And all the while, the Seuss-inspired verse will keep things moving along (and easy to understand). From top to bottom, the Cat will show readers the treasures of the tropical rain forest.

Tie-in Activity: Consider making a simple terrarium out of a clean, clear plastic 2-liter bottle, with the label removed. Cut the bottle in half. Add 1-2 inches of pebbles; a layer of activated charcoal to act as a filter (optional); and several inches of potting soil. Plant seedlings in the soil, and then water them. Slip the top (with cap) back on over the bottom half. Place the bottle in the sun and watch the "rain" form inside.