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Oh the Pets You Can Get

This delightful story is perfect for anyone who has or is considering adding a pet to the family. The Cat in the Hat takes readers on a trip to Gerpletz—a place where they happen to know all about pets. From puppies and kittens to dogs and cats, and even rabbits, birds, and Guinea pigs, readers learn all about the best ways to care for different kinds of animals. Key pet-care tips are written in rollicking, Seuss-style verse to help readers easily understand the importance and responsibility of owning a pet, especially when it comes to keeping their animal friends close to their hearts.

Tie-in Activity: If you already own a pet, talk to your child about what the pet needs and decide whether your child is ready for the responsibility of meeting some of those needs on her own. Can she feed the fish? Can she walk the dog? Then make a weekly check-off chart so that your child can note each time she performs her pet-care activity.