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My Oh My a Butterfly

Butterflies are not only a pretty insect, they are also pretty fascinating! The Cat in the Hat gives readers a closer look at these delicate creatures, which hatch from tiny eggs into wiggly caterpillars. Then the caterpillars keep changing and rearranging until they become beautiful butterflies. In addition to this incredible transformation, readers will learn about different kinds of butterflies, including the far-flying monarch butterfly. Whether a child is listening to the text or reading it on his or her own, the Seussian rhythm and rhyme, and colorful pictures, make the facts easy to understand—and may inspire readers to try scanning the sky to spot a butterfly.

Tie-in Activity: Look at a butterfly’s wings—the pattern is the same on both sides. Try making a symmetrical paper butterfly with your child. Fold a piece of cardstock in half, open it, and then let your child paint one side of the cardstock with washable paint. Before the paint dries, close the cardstock at the fold and press, so the pattern transfers to the other side. Then open the card, let it dry, and cut it into a butterfly shape.