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A Pet Named Sneaker

There’s one pet at the pet store that no one seems to want–a snake named Sneaker–until a boy named Pete decides that Sneaker is the pet for him! Written by Joan Heilbroner, author of Robert the Rose Horse, this easy-to-read story proves that Sneaker is a terrific pet. The snake even impresses the kids at show-and-tell time (especially when this reptile learns to read!). Rendered in simple, cartoon-style artwork by Pascal Lemaitre, Sneaker is a lovable character who will inspire readers to say "Yessss!" as he shows everyone he is a true hero.

Tie-in Activity: Have an S day for Sneaker the snake! Every time you say a word that begins with S, exaggerate the sound of the letter to hiss like a snake. For example: sssing sssilly sssongs, sssip with sssstraws, or sssnack on ssstrawberries!