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Twinky the Dinky Dog

Everyone thinks Twinky is a dinky dog, except Twinky! This lovable little pooch is sure to capture hearts as he tries to run with the big dogs at the dog park. The adorable cartoon-like artwork by Michael Fleming quickly draws readers in (perhaps even more so for fans of Boston terriers!). The easy-to-follow storyline by author Kate Klimo will have readers cheering for Twinky, as he learns some big-dog moves and even has the opportunity to use them! It’s the perfect story for readers who are just getting comfortable reading on their own—and one that even the youngest will enjoy listening to again and again.

Tie-in Activity: For a fun playtime activity, build a pretend dog park for stuffed dogs (perhaps a toy bear or cat can play, too). Use books, blocks, and similar items to create ramps, jumps, and other obstacles for the stuffed animals to "play" on. Make a few "treats" out of paper, too.