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Oh Say Can You Seed?

This book will teach your child everything he needs to know about the birds and the bees. Well, maybe not quite everything Seriously, though, in this book the Cat in the Hat will help you answer all of your child’s burning science questions about plants: How does a tiny seed grow to become a giant tree? Why are bees important? How do plants clean the air we breathe? Your child will even learn how photosynthesis works! The Cat in the Hat, with a little help from Thing One and Thing Two, break down these complicated topics using kid-friendly language, eye-catching charts, and (best of all) clever Seussian-style rhymes—all of which combine to help your "budding" scientist grow into a full-fledged plant-expert!

Tie-in Activity - Color-changing Flower Experiment: Science experiments with household objects are a great way to inspire curiosity and encourage scientific thinking in children. In this example, your child will see how water travels up through the stem of a plant and is spread throughout all parts of the plant to help it to make its own food and to grow.