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There's a Map on My Lap!

Oh, the places you can go with the Cat in the Hat, as he introduces readers to all kinds of maps! Whether it’s a globe, topographical map, or marine chart, the Cat shows us the many ways people use a variety of maps. Different elements of maps—such as scale, direction, and legends—are explained in the rhyming style of Dr. Seuss, with easy-to-understand examples and helpful illustrations to make the concepts easy for kids to grasp. While the practical skill of reading a map is something that children can use throughout their lives, reading this lively book featuring the Cat in the Hat is something they will enjoy right now!

Tie-in Activity: Every would-be pirate needs a treasure map. Tear an old brown grocery bag into the size map you’d like to make. Then, using a black pencil, draw pictures of household places on the map, adding funny names such as the "Soapy Sea" (bathroom) or "Yummy Mountain" (refrigerator). Encourage your child to follow the map to a "treasure" that you have hidden. Then help your child to make his own map!