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Oh Say Can You Say What's the Weather Today?

Look out your window. Is it raining? Snowing? Or do you see a bright, sunny sky? Whatever the weather, with the Cat in the Hat, you can explore it together! How clouds form, what to do when you see lightning flash, and why people watch the weather are just a few of the fun things to learn about on this fact-filled trip with the Cat. The colorful pictures and fun-to-read-aloud verse make it easy to understand the simple concepts that the Cat introduces. The forecast is all smiles when reading this delightful book about weather featuring the Cat in the Hat.

Tie-in Activity – Stained-Glass Snowflake: Make a stained-glass snowflake. Color one side of a square sheet of white paper with crayons in different shades of blue. Fold the paper into quarters, then fold diagonally in half and cut out small shapes. Unfold the paper snowflake and place it colored-side down on a covered surface. Use a cotton ball to dab vegetable oil on the snowflake to make the crayon colors show through. Let dry, then hang in a sunny window.