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I Can Name 50 Trees Today!

Have a "tree"-mendous time as the Cat in the Hat shows you the many terrific things about trees! The story illustrates 50 different kinds of trees, and includes close-up illustrations of the bark and leaves of each one. Read about a tree that stands almost 500 feet tall, or one that has roots that reach nearly 400 feet into the ground. With clever rhymes and detailed illustrations, the Cat in the Hat—with help from Thing One and Thing Two—easily breaks down the different parts of a tree for readers and shows them how these parts can differ from tree to tree. Take this book along on your next nature hike to see how many trees you can name with the help of the Cat in the Hat!

Tie-in Activity: Collect fallen leaves of different shapes, sizes, and colors. (Leaves should be clean and dry, without mold, rot, or bugs.) To display the leaves in a placemat, cut out two 12x18-inch sheets of clear contact paper. Remove the backing paper and arrange the leaves on the sticky side of one sheet. Place the second sheet sticky side down on top, smoothing out any creases.