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A trip to the beach turns into a talk show hosted by the Fish, with a little help from the Cat in the Hat. Follow along as Fish spotlights some amazing creatures that live at the shore, such as crabs, birds, and clams. Play "Go Ask a Fish" and find out why the ocean is blue, why seawater is salty, and what makes waves. Finish off this fact-filled trip to the beach with a little stop at a beachcombing shop and see some gifts from the sea. The Seussian-style verse and engaging illustrations make this the perfect book for learning more about the seashore. The best beach-reading book may just be a book about the beach!

Tie-in Activity – Seashore Art: The next time you go to the beach, make a seashore masterpiece. Go beachcombing with your child to collect pretty shells, sea glass, driftwood, and stones. Then level a rectangular area of sand, and dig a shallow trench around it to make a "frame." Arrange the collection on the "canvas," then take a photo of your beach masterpiece.