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On Beyond Bugs

What’s all the buzz about? Why, it’s because the Cat in the Hat is grabbing a magnifying glass and giving readers a close-up look at the incredible world of insects. Which insect is a great jumper? Which one is a great dancer? Which insect makes a stink? Find out the answers to these questions and more as the Cat shows readers these amazing (and sometimes annoying) creatures. With clear illustrations that detail a variety of insects, and rollicking verse that makes the facts fun, this storybook provides a delightful (and not at all itchy!) way to learn about insects.

Tie-in Activity: Have a yummy "ladybug" snack! Slice a red apple vertically and remove the core. Place an apple half cut-side down on a plate and slice into quarters. Spread the quarters apart slightly to make wings. Dot the top of the apples with raisins, using peanut butter or cream cheese to attach them. Cut a large purple grape in half and attach it as the "head."