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Wish for a Fish

Take a guided submarine tour through the ocean with the Cat in the Hat. Go along with Dick and Sally on a unique trip through the different zones of the ocean to meet a few of the unusual animals that live there. Of course, you will see some familiar creatures that live in the sunny, top-most zone. But the Cat is ready to dive deep to introduce readers to the strange and wonderful organisms living at deeper levels. The colorful art and entertaining verse bring to life creatures such as the big-mouth eel that lives in the dark zone, or sea spiders that inhabit the Abyss. A trip through the pages of this informative and fun book might just be the ticket to a world of under the sea fun.

Tie-in Activity: Sunlight does not penetrate deep down into the ocean, so some creatures make their own light. Let your child draw his own version of a deep-sea creature on a piece of paper, and use glow-in-the dark paint to add finishing touches. Turn off the light to see what the creature would look like deep down in the ocean.