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The Knee Book

In the tradition of other "body part" books such as The Foot Book and Hand, Hand, Finger, Thumb, comes this wonderful Bright and Early storybook by Graham Tether that celebrates knees! Knees help us jump, bike, skate, skip, and play, and that’s just the start of the amazing things knees can do. The limited vocabulary and the engaging rhyme are designed to help a child learn to read. The playful artwork by Sylvie Wickstrom assists readers by providing visual cues and adding to the humor of the book. At the end of the book you, too, may be cheering, "Knees are great in every way. Hooray for knees! Hip, hip, hooray!"

Tie-in Activity: How much do we use our knees? In a safe area, have your child try to walk without bending her knees. Then have her sit down on a soft sofa or bed and get up without using her knees. What other activities can she do (safely) without bending her knees?