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Dancing Dinos at the Beach

Has your child ever wished that storybook characters could leap out of a book to play for a day? See what happens when dancing dinosaurs do just that! Whether it’s digging in the sand, riding big waves, or splashing at the shore, these dinos know how to have fun in the sun during their day at the beach. Written and illustrated by a mother-and-daughter team, the short, rhyming story by Sally Lucas is just right for children ready to begin reading on their own, while the lively illustrations of the delightful dinos by Margeaux Lucas help readers with picture clues. It’s a great book to bring along for a day at the beach!

Tie-in Activity: Try a fun dino-related game at the beach: mark off a small area with rocks or shells and bury some small plastic toy dinosaurs in the sand. (Remember how many you hide.) Have kids pretend to be archaeologists by digging to uncover the "fossils" using only their hands or paintbrushes.