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The Poky Little Puppy

One of the most beloved picture books of all time has been perfectly adapted for early readers. Now part of the Bright and Early Books series, the simplified version by Kristen Depken honors the endearing story by Janette Sebring Lowrey, while using simple words and short sentences perfect for children who are just beginning to read. What happens when five little puppies crawl under a fence, and one of those puppies happens to be a bit poky? With artwork by Sue DiCicco that is in keeping with the original work of Gustaf Tenggren, the answer to that question is sure to delight young readers—and help them learn the joys of reading for themselves.

Tie-in Activity: Fast and Slow. Practice moving like the puppies. In a safe, open area, call run, run, run! and have your child run fast. When you call out poky, your child should move as slow as he can.