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Oh, the Things They Invented!

Follow the Cat in the Hat into the Super-Dee-Duper Invention Convention to take a quick trip through the history of inventing. The Cat highlights gadgets and gizmos that changed the world, along with their incredible inventors. Author Bonnie Worth’s Seuss-inspired verse explains in simple terms how people such as Gutenberg, who built the first movable-type printing press, and Tim Berners-Lee, who is credited with creating the World Wide Web, have changed the lives of people everywhere. Helpful drawings by Aristides Ruiz and Joe Mathieu clearly show how some of these inventions work, while also keeping the book lighthearted and fun. The Cat in the Hat is ready to spark your child’s interest in the origins of the machines we see every day, and perhaps inspire young readers to dream about building their own great invention!

Tie-in Activity: Creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving are all skills inventors need. Encourage these talents in your child by setting aside an area as an "inventor’s table." Provide safe, appropriate items he can use such as cardboard tubes, egg cartons, plastic lids, safety scissors, and tape. Your child’s natural creativity will be stimulated as he creates his own "inventions."