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Dinosaur Days

Take a trip back in time to the days of the dinosaurs. Author Joyce Milton introduces these prehistoric creatures to children using easy-to-understand language that even explains how to pronounce a dinosaur’s name correctly—making it simple for young readers to sound like experts. She also compares the dinosaurs to modern-day items; whether it’s a dinosaur about the size of a turkey or a dinosaur bigger than a house, these comparisons give children context for the new information. A reader’s understanding is also aided by the gorgeous illustrations by Franco Tempesta that truly bring the text to life. Rich in color and detail, the artwork will encourage children to page through the book again and again to see creatures that once walked the Earth—or catch a glimpse of the feathered ones that remain today!

Tie-in Activity: What Did It Say? No one knows for sure what dinosaurs sounded like, but it’s fun to imagine. Leaf through this book with your child, and encourage her to imagine a sound for the different dinosaurs she sees.