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Can You See a Chimpanzee?

Come monkey around with the Cat in the Hat, as he takes readers to meet all sorts of primates. There are howler monkeys, lemurs, and chimpanzees (of course!), to name just a few of the many primates you’ll encounter together. Rollicking verse by Tish Rabe makes it easy for readers to learn all about the many different types of primates. Which ones have tails? Which ones use sticks as tools? Detailed and colorful artwork by Aristides Ruiz and Joe Mathieu, inspired by the art style of Dr. Seuss himself, makes it even more fun to learn all about these fascinating—and in some cases very familiar—creatures.

Tie-in Activity: Go Bananas. Celebrate the story by making frozen bananas. Simply cut a banana into bite-sized pieces and flash freeze them for little ones; or find a recipe and make chocolate-covered frozen banana pops!